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Local News
by Dedith
on 2014-12-16
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

Fixed a couple bugs.

First was a bug with the looted tab on upgrade searches that messed up the item window when the item was found from multiple npcs and locations.

Second was an issue with the loop on the set item bonus listings that hover over the character portrait.

by Dedith
on 2014-12-11
Categories: Website Updates

Looks like there is some backend issue with the server the site is hosted on. The admins are working on it, but the site is being slow and/or returning internal server errors. This should be cleared up soon.

by Dedith
on 2014-12-09
Categories: Website Updates

The forum auto-login system was broken with the recent upgrade (could only test in live environment.) I fixed it this morning once I realized what was happening.

by Dedith
on 2014-12-04
Categories: Website Updates, Everquest 2

Fixed a few bugs (signup page, cross sub-domain glyphs, overcap highlighting, upgrade item display adornments issue, loot drop tab always in upgrade item display.)

I also added a new feature where all items will highlight stats that are overcap (red for hardcap, yellow for softcap)

by Dedith
on 2014-12-03
Categories: Website Updates

Seems when I fixed the bug with NaN appearing for hate reduction adorns, I seem to have made it appear in several other places. I'll be fixing this today when I get a break from work related stuff.

Also, if you are having problems logging in via Google, Facebook, or one of the other single-click options you setup prior to the upgrade, then please login with your username/password and then you can relink your social media login. The upgraded auth system has no record of prior configurations so it must be relinked.

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